What makes underfloor heating a great solution for homeowners?

Electric underfloor heating is a contemporary alternative to traditional heating systems in domestic properties that is popular with both homeowners and tradespeople.

What makes underfloor heating so great?

  • Space saving: Electric underfloor heating removes the need for traditional radiators, allowing more wall and floor space and eliminates the obstruction to furniture. This is very popular for homeowners and potential buyers.

  • Lower temperatures: Underfloor heating runs at consistently lower temperatures and provides a comfortable surface temperature. Whereas, traditional radiators need to be run at higher temperatures in order to comfortably heat a room.

  • Health benefits: By running underfloor heating at lower temperatures which is evenly distributed around the room, cleaner air will circulate more freely. This can lessen the effects of dust allergies, reduce dampness and reduce cold spots and draughts.

  • Cost-effective: Electrical underfloor is a cost-effective solution to traditional heating systems. It is easy to install (as it can be installed by a confident DIY-er), runs at lower temperatures therefore reducing the demand on the boiler and after the system has been wired up by a qualified electrician, requires almost no maintenance.

  • Adaptable: the system can be adapted to any size room, through mat or cable form, and can be installed under nearly any floor type. The temperatures are controlled through a thermostat which is available in a range of colours and styles, meaning it won’t clash with the interior design of a property.

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