UK solar PV industry reaches 5GW installed capacity

The UK’s cumulative Solar PV capacity has reached 5GW, according to NPD Solarbuzz.

The results from the latest weekly analysis mean that the UK is now the sixth country in the world to have more than 5GW capacity of Solar PV, behind Germany which has more than 36GW, China, Japan, Italy and the US, who all have more than 10GW installed. This means that renewable energy could power 5.6% of all UK households.

South west of the UK proved to be the leading region for solar capacity, not only because it is generally the warmest region of the UK, but because many counties in the south west of the UK operate under the auspices of local councils that look to attract inward investment and new job creation. Counties in the south west were among the first to embrace the renewables revolution, in particular solar. For these and many other reasons, the south west is the clear leader for solar megawatts installed in the UK today with just under one-third of the 5GW stack.

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Solar Power Portal.