UK needs four million heat pumps, says the WWF

A new report by the WWF has revealed that the UK is not on track to meeting its target of having 25% of heating provided by low carbon sources, such as heat pumps and biomass boilers.

The report, named ‘Warm homes, not Warm Words’, was released last week and shows that only 2% of the UK heating demand is currently generated by low carbon sources. The report calls for a scaling up of heat networks and renewable heat technologies across the UK in an effort to ensure the UK meets its energy efficiency targets.

The report also calls for the government to deliver long term policies to drive uptake of green heat technologies, and argues that ministers should confirm the future of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme to 2020.

Zoe Leader, WWF-UK climate and energy specialist, said: "The government's support for renewable heat is making slow but steady progress, but at the current rate will fail to meet our climate change goals,"

"In the next 15 years, the UK needs to insulate eight million lofts, install nearly four million heat pumps and quadruple the number of homes connected to heat networks. That's not going to happen without stronger government support. The prize at the end will be many warmer, healthier homes that are cheaper to run."

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This article has been adapted from an article published in Business Green.