UK households that ‘can’t be bothered’ to insulate waste £1bn

“With a quarter of heat lost through uninsulated roofs and a third through uninsulated walls, installing cavity wall or loft insulation is one the best long-term approaches you can make to getting your home more energy fit,” said Kevin Bryant, Energy Fitness Instructor at E.ON.

Insulating UK homes is priority for the Government which been told by the Committee on Climate Change that all UK homes should be insulated by 2015 to avoid reneging on legally binding emissions levels. Millions of homes have already been insulated under the Government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), which requires domestic energy suppliers to make savings in the amount of CO2 emitted by UK homes by encouraging householders to adopt low carbon energy solutions. However many more remain uninsulated, despite the savings that can be made.

E.ON has calculated that the average UK homes can save up to £390 a year on its energy bills by insulating homes with cavity wall and loft insulation. However, its latest research shows half (57 per cent) of UK householders remain unaware of the savings that are possible.