Travis Perkins sponsor LABC Excellence Awards

Travis Perkins and SBS are proud to sponsor the 2014 LABC Building Excellence Awards, which celebrate the essence of good buildings from a construction and technical building control point of view

The Building Excellence Awards cover England and Wales starting with regional qualifiers and culminate in the grand finals at an Autumn ceremony in London. The finalists are not judged on architectural beauty, but on the "Excellence" shown from a construction and technical building control perspective.

Stephen Richardson, Head of Marketing at SBS, said: “As one the UK's largest supplier of building materials, Travis Perkins knows how hard some building projects can be and we value technical excellence.

We are really pleased to continue our sponsorship of the LABC Building Excellence awards because they recognize those projects and teams who have had to innovate, to problem-solve and to overcome technical issues.. These are all traits that we value and try our best to deliver to our customers every day”.

For more information on how you could become nominated for the 2015 LABC Awards, please click here.