Travis Perkins' solution to poor Indoor Air Quality

As building regulations place more emphasis on energy efficiency, properties across the UK have become more airtight but therefore less well ventilated. What are the effects of this on people’s health, and what is Travis Perkins plc doing to help?

A report by the Royal College for Physicians has revealed that air pollution is having a dangerous impact on our nation’s health, with around 40,000 deaths a year attributed to poor air quality. The health problems resulting from exposure to air pollution cost our health services and businesses £20 billion a year.

The report acknowledges that being indoors can also expose us to other air pollution sources; badly maintained gas appliances, radioactive radon gas and second-hand tobacco smoke, but indoors we can also be exposed to NO2 from gas cooking and solvents that slowly seep from plastics, paints and furnishings.

Travis Perkins plc recognise while creating airtight properties is effective at lowering energy consumption and therefore household bills, it also means properties can become less well ventilated. If a property is not being ventilated, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can increase as less fresh air is circulated.

The Renson Healthbox, exclusive to Travis Perkins plc, is a demand controlled ventilation unit which regulates the amount of extracted air depending on the levels of humidity, CO2, odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in each room.The Healthbox ensures that you always have excellent indoor air quality in your home with optimum energy use.

The Healthbox is an excellent solution for preventing poor indoor air quality. For more information about how the Healthbox can help improve the air quality in your home, please click here.