Leading merchant Travis Perkins are supporting Northampton-based Eco Ezee Ltd by stocking its sustainable decorating products across 500 Travis Perkins trade counters.

The professional quality and triple award-winning Eco Ezee range of paint-brushes, rollers sleeves and roller frames embody ‘sustainability without compromise on quality'. The bamboo handles are stronger than Maple, lighter than Oak, highly durable and come from a sustainable source. The brush filaments are a blended mixture of recycled natural and synthetic bristle, Solid Round Tapered (SRT), tipped and flagged usable with all paint types. The roller frames use both recycled metal and plastic in their construction whilst the roller sleeve uses 100% recycled polyester.

Paul Joyner, Group Director of Sustainability, said: “The Eco Ezee range has been a big hit with Travis Perkins customers and the ethical sourcing of materials supports the complete solutions that SBS provides to all types of project. It’s fantastic to be able to offer decorating products with a sustainable edge to the wider Travis Perkins network whilst supporting a local Northampton-based family-run business.”

Andy Barnwell, Director of Eco Ezee Ltd, added: “We’re extremely pleased that Travis Perkins are rolling out our sustainable decorating sundries range nationwide. TP customers will now be able to enjoy our products, which offer ‘sustainability without compromise’. Our ethos centres on providing professional quality and sustainable products without any cost premium, ensuring that our range ‘doesn’t cost the earth’ in more ways than one.”