Travis Perkins pledge to help end global deforestation

The Travis Perkins Group have committed to responsible forest trade in a bid to help end global deforestation, with a move to 100% sustainable timber and wood products by 2020.

Along with a selection of other British businesses, Travis Perkins has signed up to the WWF-UK’s new forest campaign to close the legal loopholes in the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). Under the current system, less than half of the value of timber products arriving in Europe are coming from legitimate sources. Everyday objects such as chairs and books are not included in EUTR.

Julia Young, manager, WWF Global Forest and Trade Network UK, said: "We all use products from the forests daily in our homes and at work, from the chairs we sit on to the books we read, and for businesses it's essential to have a sustainable supply of materials, for now and tomorrow.

"The businesses signing up know this and are taking action to ensure a future for our forests, it's time for the government to make good on its promises to do the same."