Sustainable Building Solutions' parent company, ​the Travis Perkins Group, have produced a Group Responsibility Manual which contains information on our buying, selling and operating responsibilities. Within it you can find policies and procedures, corporate responsibility achievements as well as areas that can be improved. The document is in the Environmental Responsibilities section of our Travis Perkins PLC website.

The Travis Perkins Group is fully committed to meeting our corporate responsibilities across all areas of our buying, selling and operating activities. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our performance in the key areas of environment, business ethics and health and safety. We believe it is important for us to measure and rate our performance in key areas of corporate responsibility.

In today ’s tough economic climate, the challenges of corporate responsibility might be seen as a distraction. We don’t take this view. In fact, we believe that acting responsibly is a crucial part of our success.

In 2011, our environmental activities alone accounted for around 6% of our total profits. That’s 1% more than in 2010, and we’re expecting this figure to keep growing. Corporate responsibility matters to us in every single area of our business. We believe we can be the best providers of responsibly sourced, resource efficient products, fit for low carbon building and refurbishment, delivered with a low carbon footprint and minimal waste by people who care.