Gas Awareness for Non-Gas Operatives

Suitable for: Internal/External Wall Insulation installers and surveyors

1 Day
Course Fees:
£195 plus VAT = £234 inc VAT

SBS has partnered with PPL Training to provide a course on Gas Awareness for Non-Gas Operatives.

Gas Awareness for Non-Gas Operatives

The course has been designed to educate insulation installers and green deal assessors about the potential dangers of fitting internal, external and cavity wall insulation in buildings where combustible fuel appliances are located. The training makes candidates aware of the implications of blocked flues, ventilation requirements on gas and other appliances, flue types, general appliance types and unsafe situations.

Assessment method: Multiple choice

Course Overview

• Combustion

• Ventilation

• Understanding the Gas Safety Regulations 1998

• Appliance identification

• Unsafe situations

• Risk assessments

• Written assessment

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Course Benefits

• The course gives ventilation awareness at a non-gas qualified level and is required for all installers and surveyors for the Knauf ThermoShell Internal Wall Insulation courses.

Hints & Tips

• Part B, 8 (1) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 specifically states:

"No person shall make any alteration to any premises in which a gas fitting or gas storage vessel is fitted if that alteration would adversely affect the safety of the fitting or vessel in such a manner that, if the fitting or the vessel had been installed after the alteration, there would have been a contravention of, or a failure to comply with, these Regulations."

• This basically means that anyone who, whilst working at a property, affects the gas safety in any way (whether it concerns the pipework, ventilation provisions, flues etc.) could be deemed to be contravening the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and thus find themselves having legal action carried out against them.