F Gas Installer

Suitable for: Individuals who handle / install refrigeration units, heat pumps (air / ground source) and air-conditioning systems.

5 days
City & Guilds 2079-11 (Cat 1) Qualified
Course Fees:
£720 + VAT

SBS has partnered with PPL Training to provide an installer training course on F-Gas handling (refrigerant handling).

Assessment method: The F-Gas assessment consists of a multiple choice question paper, taken online and a practical assessment

Course Overview

• Identify basic systems, terms, principles, units and how these relate to theory and thermodynamics of vapour compression cycles and refrigerants

• Causes and effects of global warming and climate change

• Identify causes and effects of ozone depletion

• Stationary refrigerant, air conditioning and heat pump system components, functions and leakage risk

• Hazards and safe working practices for the installation, commissioning and handling of refrigerants

• Fabricate and examine pipework

• Pressure testing, evacuation and record completion

• Refrigerant charging, leak checking and record keeping

• Recovery of refrigerant and oil and prepare for disposal

Training Product Code


PPL728717 (PTS)

Course Benefits

• Recognised F-Gas qualification

• A qualification in F-gas handling is required in order to service and maintain existing heat pumps systems.

• City & Guilds 2079 is an evergreen qualification and does not require renewal every three year (unlike CITB)

Hints & Tips

• The F-Gas training course is for those wanting to be covered for all four categories; leak checking, refrigerant recovery, service/maintenance, and installation.

• Brazing pipework is also included.