Bostik External Wall Insulation Surveyor

Suitable for: New entrants wishing to become an approved Bostik Climatherm External Wall Insulation Surveyor

1 Day
Certificate of attendance issued
Course Fees:
£250 + VAT

SBS has partnered with PPL Training to provide a comprehensive qualification based training programme in Bostik Climatherm External Wall Insulation Surveying. Bostik is the only system manufacturer who provide a surveyors course which includes a live survey assessment.

This practical course trains individuals on how to survey properties for the Bostik Climatherm External Wall Insulation.

Assessment Method: Numerical Test

Course Overview

• Introduction to External Wall Insulation

• Interpret property types and construction methods

• Wall finishes, services

• Survey of the property

• Production of plans and calculation of required areas

• Understand all administrative procedures and documentation

• Assessment

Training Product Code


Course Benefits

• EWI will be one of the main Green Deal measures alongside Internal Wall Insulation (IWI).

• Bostik's experienced technical team are on hand to offer full support

• Increase your business opportunities as 7 million homes in the UK require better solid wall insulation. EWI is an increasingly popular method of achieving this, and demand is set to rise further.

• A selection of finishes such as Brick Effect Render are available to meet customer demand for both matching existing building finishes and achieving a fresh new appearance.

Hints & Tips

• The course is designed to train individuals to become an approved surveyor of the Bostik Climatherm External Wall System. Once completed, the Bostik Climatherm External Wall Installer course can be taken.

• Scottish installers can take advantage of the Low Carbon Skills Fund to potentially receive funding for up to 50% of the course costs.

• Knowledge of proper ventilation is a mandatory requirement when installing or surveying for External Wall Insulation Systems.

• It is highly recommended that delegates undertake a ACOP Gas Awareness course.

• Previous construction experience is required.

• Applicants will be required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire to ensure they are eligible for this course

• Passing this course is required to become a Bostik External Wall Insulation approved surveyor