Thorne Colliery Solar Farm approved by Doncaster Council

The Thorne Colliery Solar Farm proposed by solar developer RES has received planning permission by Doncaster Council, securing a £25,000 pledge for a local community centre.

RES launched a public consultation regarding the project last year and local residents suggested it could support the work of the Moorends Miners Welfare and Community Centre, located near the site in Moorends, Doncaster.

The centre provides skills training and counselling to local residents while also serving as a venue for social events, and RES’ Eliot Davies said it was an “essential part of the local community”.

“We are delighted that Thorne Colliery Solar Farm is going ahead because it means we can donate £25,000 to the centre. We hope this will go some way towards securing the future of this vital community facility,” Davies said.

RES has yet to confirm the construction programme for the project, but estimates that it will be completed by the end of the year.

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Solar Power Portal.