Sustainable self build

What’s it all about?

Most importantly, self build can mean you can create a sustainable, energy efficient home by using different construction methods which can encompass renewable technologies or alternative types of insulation.

Self build provides scope to decide not only how your home will look inside and out, but how it functions.

You can build a low-maintenance home with low running costs and achieve 'more' house for your budget and create a home with interesting architectural spaces.

Step 1: Building plots

Finding a plot of land that will be a worthy setting for your dream is the most significant step towards self-building. Your land is the blank canvas for your build, but you must ensure that you only purchase land with existing planning permission.

Step 2: Finding an architect

Creating a new home gives you the ultimate design freedom: a blank canvas to create a sustainable home, limited only by your imagination, your budget and the constraints of your plot.

Although you are able to design your home and produced the necessary drawings, for most people it makes sense to hire an experienced designer.

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Step 3: Finding a builder or contractor

Whether you need a main contractor or simply a plumber, there are ways to give yourself the best chance of getting a good, reliable tradesman.

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Step 4: Purchasing materials

Working with our partners, such as Wickes, Travis Perkins, City Plumbing Supplies and Insulation Giant, we can offer you the one-stop show for products.

We also have a service to design and estimate both the build fabric and renewable technologies for your build.

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Step 5: the build

Once the build is finished and you're putting the final touches on your new build, you may decide to have the property tested for air leakage, or may want to add renewables. We can help with post-build services.