Support services vital as contractors respond to RHI

With more than 13,000 accredited installations now registered for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Sustainable Building Solutions (SBS) is calling for the industry to pro-actively continue its support by offering easy access to services.

With an appetite for the scheme anticipated to continue into 2015, SBS predicts that the RHI will successfully improve efficiency and growth in the renewables sector. Market demand will continue to fluctuate with an already identified increase in the uptake of air source heat pumps and biomass boilers in particular. As a result, ongoing training needs to be encouraged if high-quality installation standards are to be maintained and uptake is to remain strong.

Paul Joyner, managing director of SBS said: “This continued interest in RHI, as proven by the growing numbers of accredited installations reported since the spring, is extremely encouraging and marks a positive future for sustainable business growth and the quality of building standards in the UK,”

“Installers must be able to have confidence that as the RHI reaches new milestones, they have easy access to the correct advice and training. I see the construction industry as a whole – including the role that SBS plays – as central to this.”

To help installers access RHI opportunities, SBS has developed a range of assessment, training, and mentoring services covering biomass, solar thermal, and heat pump technologies. MCS accrediting can also be achieved through SBS' official partner NICEIC. To find out more about the RHI and how SBS can help, email