Step 1: Building Plots

Find a plot

Your first step in finding a suitable plot of land will be a land finding agency, such as, which for a small free, provides details of thousands of plots.

Estate agents are also a good source, but many prefer to deal with small developers who will sell the finished house for you. Visit them on a regular basis and let them know you are considering selling the house through them, so when plots become available your name is first on the list.

You should check dates of land auctions, as many plots are sold here at below estimate price. A large proportion of self builds replace dated post-war houses, where all or most of the services are already in, rather than undeveloped land.

Planning permission

Planning permission is a legal requirement to building any property. You should only buy land that has existing planning permission.

The local authority's planning department makes descisions regarding applications, based on its 'Local Plan' for development within the area.

You can apply for planning permission as many times as you would like, for unlimited different designs. If your application if refused, you can appeal the decision.

We're here to help

All new dwellings require certification under the Building Regulations. You must engage a Building Control Body prior to beginning the build.

We can help you find a specialist partner who will work with your local Building Control Body to ensure your assessment progresses smoothly. We can also provide a range of services, such as, Flood Risk Assessment and Ecology Assessment, which may be required depending on Planning Permission giving.