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Data Sheet:
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Data Sheet

Information suitable for:
New build
  • Water saving
  • Responsible sourcing

Technical information

Water management is now a crucial part of sustainable building practice. Current legislation, from The Flood and Water Management Bill 2011 to Planning Policy Statements.

SUDS are a range of techniques that aim to mimic the way rainfall drains in natural systems within urban areas. Many existing urban drainage systems can cause problems of flooding, pollution or damage to the environment and are not proving to be sustainable in the long term.

National, regional and local planning policies encourage the adoption of sustainable drainage systems and high standards of water efficiency. The construction of new developments should enable the incorporation of greater water efficiency.


Hints and Tips

We provide a Sustainable Drainage Design service through our partner company Geo Environmental Sciences Limited (GESL) comprising of a range of options for planners, architects, installers or homeowners. Dependent upon requirements we offer Desk Study, Site Visit, Ground Investigations or Designs for Soakaways, Swales and Basins.

Installing porous paving should only be undertaken by a trained installer who can calculate the soils permeability and appropriate requirements of specially graded sub-base aggregates.

To avoid requirement of planning permission, driveway and parking areas should be built using permeable surfaces.

Managing the site can improve quality. Prevention includes design, maintenance and the education of users.

Permeable surfaces and filter drains have a volume of permeable material below ground to store surface water.

SUDs is no longer simply designed for flood control. It now concentrates on balancing the impact of urban drainage on flood control and water quality management.