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Home Networking Solutions Data Sheet

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Technical information

A home networking system allows the user to play music, have a TV, network computers and telephones built in to one unit that can be accessible in multiple rooms within the dwelling. These systems can only be installed during the construction or refurbishment of the dwelling.

It can provide added comfort, convenience, enhances your security and produces environmental savings in all your home systems which you automate. This can control all aspects of your life but with you in total control.

Eliminates long runs of speaker cable from a wall mounted volume control.

The A-BUS amplifier is matched to the speakers, allowing for better sound quality and eliminates the volume control from the wall. The remote can be mounted or magnetically stuck to a metal surface. The remote has four programmable buttons that can be used for any IR signal such as fan lighting.

Within the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) there is a section on Home Office which has to have special services included, these are:

• Two double power sockets

• Two telephone points (or double telephone points), or one telephone point where cable/broadband is avaliable

• Ensuring these elements have been added into the home office will achieve one credit with the CSH requirements


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