Code for Sustainable Homes

Technical information

The CSH looks at a variety of different aspects of a new build dwelling and allows the developer and client to achieve a good energy rating by looking at the building fabric, use of sustainable technologies, ecology reports, daylight factor, water butts, recycling etc.

All of these elements are put into categories which offer a point’s scheme - the higher the points the better the Code Level.

At present, (2010) it is mandatory to achieve a Code Level 3 for all new build dwellings, under the Housing Association, by 2013 it will be mandatory to achieve a Code Level 4 and by 2016 all new build dwellings will have to achieve a Code Level 6 which is a net zero carbon home.

Within the Code there are three stages which have to be completed. These stages are Pre-Assessment, Design Stage and Post Construction. The Assessor will have to go to site during the final stages (Post Construction) to make sure all elements have been completed.

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