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Data Sheet:
Biomass Heating Data Sheet

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Technical information

When compared with fossil fuels, like oil, gas or coal, biomass is a sustainable carbon neutral fuel. A biomass boiler offers an environmentally sound heating solution as it emits on average the same amount of carbon dioxide that is absorbed by plants, thus having little or no adverse affect on the earth's delicate COâ‚‚balance.

Biomass has been used as a source of heating by many generations in the form of wood-burning stoves and open fires. Recent advances in technology have led to the development of new types of boilers that use biomass cleanly and efficiently to heat both space and water. As well as being 'green', biomass boilers reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills, especially in the face of the rising cost of traditional fuels.


For customers living in rural areas where mains gas is not available, a biomass boiler is an attractive alternative compared with more conventional off-gas heating solutions such as oil and LPG. Cleaner and less volatile, biomass boilers are also independent of the fluctuating prices of oil and gas.


Hints and Tips

Ensure that there is sufficient dry storage space on site to store the wood pellets.

Ensure that there is sufficient space to take delivery of the fuel as it may often be delivered in bulk loads.

Ensure you have the correct flue for use with wood burning appliances.

For optimum results you need to ensure that the fabric of the building is well insulated and draft proofed.