Snøhetta’s tilted zero energy house completed in Norway

In a continued effort to produce eco-friendly buildings, the research center of zero emission buildings have partnered with Norway-based architects, snøhetta, to develop a ‘ZEB pilot house’, to serve as an example for ecologically conscious design.

Now complete, the property serves as a platform for assisting knowledge of ‘plus houses’, which produce more energy than they use. The building’s design is distinguished by a slanted roof surface which features a building-integrated photovoltaic array, which is essential to achieving emission neutrality.Geothermal wells on site complement the PV, resulting in a total energy gain able to power the house with surplus to fuel an electric car for a year.

To enhance the property’s livability, the property includes a variety of spaces that can be enjoyed year round, as well as fruit trees and a vegetable garden to provide small-scale food production. Additionally, the property features an outdoor swimming pool and shower, which are both warmed by solar thermal panels.

The residence’s design adheres to ‘multi-comfort’ standards beyond the demands of current Norweigan building regulations in regards to energy use, air permeability, daylight factoring, acoustics, warmth, and indoor air quality. Furthermore, the structure meets the requirements for ‘ZEB-OM’ classification, which includes zero emission from all materials used in the construction process and daily operation as well as all user equipment, including an electric vehicle.

To reach its energy performance targets, the project is required to document and verify at least 100% of it’s CO2 offsetting, with building integrated technological systems negating carbon emissions incurred from burning of fossil fuels. For its novel efforts, the ZEB pilot house has been nominated for the ‘the European union prize for contemporary architecture – mies van der rohe award 2015‘.

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This article, including the image, has been adapted from two articles published by Design boom. Click here and here for more information.