MCS Certification

SBS recognises that obtaining MCS Installer Certification can be challenging so we have partnered with Easy MCS, PPL Training and NICEIC to offer you the complete support package and advise how you can become an MCS Installer. MCS Installer Certification, enables contractors to offer Government financial incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed in Tariffs (FIT).

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MCS is designed to provide a minimum level of protection and assurance to customers. MCS also enables access to financial incentives such as The Renewable Heat Incentive, and Feed in Tariffs and is a requirement for installers looking to achieve Green Deal Installer status for Renewables.

To offer the RHI or FIT to your customers you must be an MCS Approved Installer and fit MCS Approved Products.

Electrical Technologies that are eligible for FITs include Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Heat Technologies that are eligible for RHI include Solar Thermal Hot Water, [Heat Pumps Air,, Ground and Water).

Suitable for

MCS Installer Certification is suitable for any installation company/person who works in Plumbing & Heating, Construction, Electrical or Renewable Technologies. MCS Installer certification packages can be tailored to your company needs to include as many or as few renewable technologies as required.

What is involved in the certification process?

MCS Installer Certification comprises of four parts:

  1. Operating a Quality Management System to MCS001 - Software & mentoring provided by Easy MCS

  2. Competency of Installers - Installer Training available

  3. Installing MCS Approved Products.

  4. Assessment of your Installation and QMS by a Certification Body

SBS partners can support installers through each of these steps.


Only a certified MCS Installer can install Renewable Technologies under the Feed in Tariffs, Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive

As part of the MCS support package, Easy MCS will help you to ensure on-going compliance throughout the year, including standard changes, spot checks and your annual audit. Your Renewable Design Suite will also allow you to complete you project design and calculations throughout the year and store them in a secure environment.