Through our partners, SBS can offer Energy Assessments & EPCs to our customers as part of our integrated building services.

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Why is an Energy Performance Certificate needed?

• An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required when a dwelling is either being built, rented or sold.

• For existing homes, it must be provided free of charge by the owner of the property to prospective purchasers or tenants. When selling a property the estate agent will incorporate it into their sales details.

• An EPC rates the energy efficiency of a property using the Government approved RdSAP methodology. It also provides information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

• The EPC is required by law as a consequence of the UK Government’s adoption of the European Energy Performance Directive.

Who can produce an Energy Performance Certificate?

• The Energy Performance Certificate (existing dwellings) can only be provided by a trained and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).


• To maximise on energy efficiency, our partners can provide guidance on the next steps to improve your energy efficiency through fabric improvements or renewable technology.

• Our partners services are backed up by qualified professional consultants who are only a phone call away.

Hints & Tips

• Simple and cost effective measures are often the best to improve the energy efficiency of your home. As an example improve insulation to your loft and domestic hot water cylinder.

• Other low cost measures for improving home efficiency can include upgrading your heating and hot water programmable controls, introducing radiator thermostats and changing your light bulbs to low energy ones.

• Regulations came into force on the 9th January 2013 requiring estate agents and other third parties to ensure that an EPC has been commissioned before they market a property for sale or rent. In addition, all advertisements in the commercial media must clearly show the property's EPC rating, where this is available .

• From 1st April 2012, when installing PVs on existing properties, an EPC will be required to obtain the higher feed in tariff rate (FiT).