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Through our partners, SBS can offer Code for Sustainable Homes assessments to customers.

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What is the CSH?

• Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is an environmental assessment system for rating new build dwellings.

• Code ratings range from Level 1 to Level 6. Mandatory minimum requirements are set for some issues and points are awarded for credits in nine categories (such as Energy, Water and Waste). Minimum performance standards in Energy and Water are set for each level.

When is the CSH needed?

• The Code for Sustainable Homes assessment is mandatory for Housing Association dwellings. The local planning authority will require the Design-Stage Assessment, Pre-Assessment and Post-Construction Assessment.

How do I know I have achieved a Code Level 3?

• Once it is established that a Code for Sustainable Homes is required, it is important that an accredited CSH assessor is appointed at an early stage.

• Often, pre-assessments are required by Local Planning Authorities to demonstrate that the development has the capability of meeting a CSH standard. The requirement to meet this standard is then incorporated in a binding planning condition.

• Prior to starting the development it is best practice to engage the CSH assessor to undertake and have certificated a “Design Stage” assessment.

• The assessor should work closely with you and your Architect to agree which credits are to be targeted in which areas. In order to achieve design stage certification you will have to commit to meeting these targets and your Architect should incorporate the measures into the design specification.

• You will probably have to commission additional reports such as an ecological report or flood risk assessments.

• Upon completion of the development the CSH assessor will undertake a "Post Construction" review to establish that the credits targeted and the measures specified have been undertaken. The assessor will then complete their report and submit this to the accreditation body to facilitate final certification.

Who can produce the Code for Sustainable Homes Report?

• A Code for Sustainable Homes assessor who is accredited through either BRE Global or Stroma accreditation.

• The accreditation bodies are accountable to Department of Communities and Local Government and are obliged to strictly audit all assessors / schemes.


• To maximise energy efficiency, we can provide guidance on the next steps to improve your energy efficiency through fabric improvements or renewable technology.

• Our partners can provide an integrated approach to Building Control and environmental compliance at a fixed price.

• The services offered are backed up by qualified professional consultants who are only a phone call away.

• Our partners can provide all the necessary ancillary reports such as ecological or flood risk assessments.

Assessments will cover performance over and above Building Regulations in the following categories:

Energy and CO2 emissions, Water, Materials, Waste, Pollution, Health & wellbeing, Management

Hints & Tips

• Meeting the new energy and fabric efficiency standards under Part L 2010 can be most cost effectively achieved by incorporating design improvements at an early stage; our service partners will work closely with your architect/designer to achieve this.

• Under the Part L 2010 Building Regulations you must get a design stage SAP energy assessment undertaken and submitted to Building Control before starting on site. Not having an air tightness test undertaken at completion will penalise the SAP assessment leading to higher build costs.

• When having to undertake Code for Sustainable Homes assessments it is important to remember that you may have to commission additional surveys & reports before starting on site. You will also have to incorporate additional measures into the build. We recommend having a pre-assessment undertaken at an early stage so as that you can identify any cost implications at the outset.

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