Roof windows project guide

Why are they important?

Roof windows and Sun Tunnels are an easy and effective way to bring natural light into your home, where there is a pitched or flat roof.

How are they installed?

It's vital you install your new roof window, skylight, dome or sun tunnel correctly to ensure it's waterproof, durable and effective.

Gaps between the window frame and rafter/trimmers should be filled with PIR insulation or proprietary insulation collars.

Sun tunnels can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs and help improve the daylighting within a home.

You can add a VELUX sun tunnel light tube anywhere there is 6m or less between your roof and ceiling.

Hints & Tips

  • Windows should be secured in place using supplied fixing tabs screwed to doubled up rafters and trimmers.

  • Ensure you have the correct flashing type to suit the chosen roof coverings.

  • When plasterboarding around the inside of the roof window, the plasterboard should not come into contact with the rafters/trimmers. Either PIR or, if the space is to small, multi foil insulation should be located between the two surfaces to stop cold bridging.

  • Consider whether you want top or bottom operation. The top control bar makes it convenient to open and close the window even with furniture placed underneath. The bottom handle allows you to open the window outwards and gives you an unobstructed view and feeling of extra space.

  • Concerned about uninvited guests? Security and burglary proof resistant windows are available, with reinforced construction with integrated additional locks.

  • One or more roof windows? Combining multiple windows dramatically changes a room and you extend the possibilities of daylight, fresh air and a fantastic view.