About the scheme:

Most domestic technologies and larger systems up to 5 megawatts, qualify for the scheme, including:

• Solar electricity (PV), roof mounted or stand alone

• Wind turbines building mounted or free standing

• Hydroelectricity

• Anaerobic digesters

• Micro combined heat and power (CHP).


Generation tariff the energy supplier will pay a set rate for each unit (or kWh) of electricity generated. Once the system has been registered, the tariff levels are guaranteed for the period of the tariff (up to 25 years) and are index linked.

Export tariff the customer will get a further payment from the energy supplier for each unit exported back to the electricity grid.

Energy bill savings the customer will be making savings on electricity bills, because generating electricity to power appliances means they don’t have to buy as much electricity from their energy supplier. The amount saved will vary depending how much of the electricity used on site.

You will need to install an extra electricity meter called a Total Generation Meter. This measures the electricity your system is generating. AMCS certificated installer should provide this as part of the installation package and should include it in the original quote.

Registering for FiTs

Once you have installed the generating technology, register the install on the central MCS database. Then provide a certificate confirming MCS compliance.

Homeowners will then need to:

• Tell their chosen FIT supplier that you wish to register for the FIT and send them a completed application form along with the MCS certificate.

• The FIT supplier will cross-reference the installation with the MCS database and undertake other eligibility checks.

• The FIT supplier will confirm eligibility and the date eligible for payments.

• The FIT supplier will add the customer to the Ofgem Central FIT Register, which records all installations in the FIT scheme.

• The FIT supplier will agree with the customer if and when they will need to provide meter readings and when they will make FIT payments. These will form part of your customer's statement of FIT terms.

If your customer wants to opt out of the guaranteed export tariff they must tell your FIT supplier.

We can offer a range of high quality training courses in a range of renewable technologies in line with the FiT, including Solar PV. For more information on our training programmes, please click here.

If you are already trained in renewables but are not MCS Certified, please click here to find out more.

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