Residential SuDS schemes can deliver 10% cost savings

A recent case study published by Susdrain in the residential development area of Lamb Drove suggested that SuDS can deliver a saving of 10% on capital costs, when compared with conventional drainage methods.

Lamb Drove is a residential development of 35 affordable homes (developed and owned by Cambridge Housing Society) on a one hectare site. The aim of the Lamb Drove SuDS scheme was to showcase practical and innovative sustainable water management techniques, incorporating SuDS and property flood resilience within new residential developments.

The project demonstrated that SuDS are a viable and attractive alternative to more traditional forms of drainage and to deliver practical solutions for new housing areas. A range of SuDS components were used to demonstrate the different available techniques and the application of a management train from prevention to site control and regional control components. The components used included water butts, permeable paving, a green roof, swales and filter strips.

The scheme successfully demonstrated practical, innovative and cost effective drainage techniques, in both relatively low and high-density developments. The estimated cost savings due to the SuDS scheme was approximately £11k (around 10%) and the project received a commendation award at the RTPI national planning awards 2006 and has been cited in the PPS25 Practice Guide.

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Susdrain.