The range of renewable technologies here at Sustainable Building Solutions includes a wide selection of energy efficient heating and electricity-generating systems.

Powering a building with alternative energy sources such as solar PV panels, air source heat pumps, and biomass boilers can significantly reduce its dependency on the grid.

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Our sustainable drainage systems allow rainwater to drain away quickly and efficiently, while our external water conservation products allow householders to reuse rainwater. Our water saving products have been specially selected as the most efficient on the market.

The range of sustainable materials from Sustainable Building Solutions includes everything you need for an environmentally friendly build.

Browse our full range of eco materials below, including energy-efficient aircrete blocks, insulation and building materials. If you’re looking for green landscaping materials, we also stock decking and aggregate, which are environmentally conscious flooring options perfect for both small and large gardens.

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Here at Sustainable Building Solutions, we offer a range of products that help housebuilders improve properties’ Code for Sustainable Homes level.

You’ll find a selection of FSC sheds, bike storage units, water butts, clothes dryers, energy-efficient lighting and household recycling facilities.

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