Zeversolar Eversol TL Series

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:43

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Simple, reliable and affordable single phase domestic inverters that provide a high efficiency level of 97.8% and are compatible with most photovoltaic modules on the market. The Eversol TL series inverters are extremely lightweight, outdoor rated at IP65 and have the option to have Wifi monitoring. All Zeversolar Inverters come with a 5 year standard product warranty for complete peace of mind. A full range of Zeversolar single phase inverters and accessories are available for a variety of applications ranging from 1kW to 5kW.


5 Year product warranty

We can design solar pv systems. Email Tom Edwards for more information via tom.edwards@solfex.co.uk


  • Efficiency 97%

  • Maximum Powerpoint Tracking

  • IP65 Protection Class

  • RS485 Communications

  • Online web monitoring via PMU residential ( optional WiFi )

  • Grid management functions via our PMU residential

  • Easy handling for installation and maintenance