Windhager BioWin Lite

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:41

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Product Details

The BioWIN Lite is the latest addition to the Windhager BioWIN range of high quality wood pellet boilers.

The entry-level wood pellet boiler provides quality and efficiency in a Lite format including:

  • Hand fed appliance

  • Requires less than 1.5m2 of floor space

  • Does not require a buffer tank

  • Standard fully automatic heat exchanger and burner bowl cleaning functions

  • Long life ignition

  • Quiet operation

  • Fully automated cleaning

  • Intuitive InfoWIN menu

  • System control options

  • MCS approved

  • Defra smoke exempt

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Features & Benefits

  • Assured service and spares availability

  • Small footprint with all service access from the front

  • No buffer tank requirement

  • Extended feeding intervals with large 200kg hopper. Long intervals between filling on average 5-14 days in heating season (depending on output)

  • Can be included as part of our full system design and estimation service

Specification & Product Codes



775189 - 10kW output, 100kg hopper

WINBWL102 - 10kW output, 100kg hopper (PTS keyword)

775196 - 15kW output, 100kg hopper

WINBWL152 - 15kW output, 100kg hopper (PTS keyword)

581127 - 21kW output, 100kg hopper

WINBWL212 - 21kW output, 100kg hopper (PTS keyword)

581128 - 26kW output, 100kg hopper

WINBWL262 - 26kW output, 100kg hopper (PTS keyword)

581129 - 10kW output, 200kg hopper

WINBWL102L - 10kW output, 200kg hopper (PTS keyword)

581130 - 15kW output, 200kg hopper

WINBWL152L - 15kW output, 200kg hopper (PTS keyword)

WINBWL212L - 21kW output, 200kg hopper (PTS keyword)

581133 - 26kW output, 200kg hopper

WINBWL262L - 26kW output, 200kg hopper (PTS keyword)