Windhager BioWIN 2

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:41

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Product Details

The BioWIN 2 Touch is a range of wood pellet boilers that are highly efficient, durable and the smallest on the market (requiring less than 1.5 square meters of space). It is the only boiler that can be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

The product is cutting edge offering a 7 year warranty and has a clean combustion process with little maintenance requirements. Also, it is flexible with 3 feeding options and is fitted with an interactive touch screen control for the system. It can also be connected to the Windhager MES Infinity control and distribution system providing weather compensating control. This can be to any heating system that uses underfloor, radiators and/or convector heaters.

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Features & Benefits

  • Minimal space requirements

  • Long maintenance / cleaning intervals

  • Self-cleaning function

  • Available in six models

  • Modulating output

  • No requirement for buffer tank

  • Five outputs for manual or auto feed

Specification & Product Codes



901602 - BioWIN Exclusive 10kW Auto Feed

901603 - BioWIN Exclusive 10kW Hand Feed