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Last Updated: July 13, 2016 12:09

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TLX Gold makes re-roofing an existing loft room or upgrading insulation easier:

The product has European Technical Approval (ETA), valid and recognised in the UK and all EEA countries by the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). An ETA is a favourable technical assessment of a product’s fitness for an intended use. It goes further than a BBA (British Board of Agreement) certificate as it tests to demanding European standards. The award, by the Deutsches Institut fûr Bautechnik (DIBt) in Berlin, a member of the EOTA, is valid for five years.

TLX Gold:

• Acts as a thermal barrier

• Upgrades existing insulation

• Replaces roof underlay

TLX Gold - How it works

• Top layer high performance breather membrane

• Core of PET wadding interleaved with reflective films

• Bottom layer of reflective film

• All layers are breathable, so moisture passes through

• Bottom layer reflects infra-red rays back into living space

Specification & Product Codes



Multi Foil

Quality certification:
EN 11925 - 1, BS EN 3177, EN ISO 12572, EN ISO 8302:1991, BS EN 12667:2001



950395 - 1.2 x 10m