WARM-BOARD End Support

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 12:42

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Product Details

The WARM-BOARD end support is a multi-functional pipe return, pipe clip and floor support for underfloor heating which has multiple snapping points to be able to decrease its size and maximise the heat emitter area.

The WARM-BOARD End Support is a revolutionary, multi functional underfloor heating pipe and floor support system.

The End Support with its multiple snapping points enables a more flexible approach to underfloor heating installation, giving the installer the benefit of installing larger floor areas.

With the integral pipe securing system, it allows a trouble free quick installation of the pipe work, ensuring the underfloor pipe work remains fixed in position.

The word support has a multiple meaning; the product offers a support to the floor covering above around the perimeter of the room, without the requirement of a biscuit screed; it supports the pipe work once pressed into place.

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Features & Benefits

Features of the WARM-BOARD End Support

  • Self-retaining pipe locking system

  • Multiple flow and return channels, enabling the installation of larger areas

  • Non continuous return allows flexible entry points to the board

  • Interlocking panels enabling a secure base.

  • Multiple snapping points offering a flexible pipe routing system between rooms.

  • Available in thicknesses of 15mm & 18mm

  • Dimensions – 320mm x 300mm

  • Independently Tested by ADJ designs

Stress Test

A stress analysis was carried out to investigate the suitability of the design for the purpose intended. The pipe fixing is placed on hard surface and was constrained in all 6 degrees of freedom. Once it is secured in place a 1500N load was uniformly distributed over the surface of the WARM-BOARD End Support which is equivalent to 150Kg. Upon final inspection the end support suffered no cracking or deformation.

Specification & Product Codes



419412 - 15mm End Support

419414 - 18mm End Support

613481 - 15mm End Support Pack of 10

613483 - 18mm End Support Pack of 10