Velux Sun Tunnel Accessories

Last Updated: October 09, 2015 12:38

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Diffusor Pane ZTC comes with a frosted look as standard. Structured panes with chrystallic and prismatic looks can be ordered as accessories.

Trim Ring ZTB is the internal ring that encircles the product. The product comes with a white trim ring as standard. Coloured plastic rings in mahogany, brass or brushed aluminium look can be ordered as accessories

Light Kit ZTL provides the possibility of light 24 hours a day. The light kit can be installed subsequently, max 23w low-energy bulb.

Extension tunnel ZTR is recommended for installation with TWR or TLR in case the distance from top edge of batten to ceiling finish level is over 1.85m. ZTR in combination with TWR or TLR can be used for tunnel lengths of up to 6m.

Ventilation outlet ZTV supplements the existing ventilation in the room. The ZTV can be installed with 14" TWR and TWF sun tunnels.

Specification & Product Codes



967844 - 600mm 10" DIA

967845 - 600mm 14" DIA

967847 - 1200mm 14" DIA