UPM Profi Deck Lifecycle

Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:58

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Whilst Lifecycle by UPM Profi offers all the beauty of a hardwood deck, it does so in an ecologically sustainable manner. 95% of the materials used to manufacture the boards are recycled, including the oak fibres and plastic polymers. Giving these high quality materials a second life reduces landfill and waste incineration. No PVC is used in the manufacturing of Lifecycle by UPM Profi and the material is itself fully recyclable.

Lifecycle doesn’t require any annual sanding, varnish or staining. While most spills can be wiped off easily, periodic cleaning with a jet wash is recommended. The boards have been designed to weather slightly to their natural patina over the first six months after installation.

Wood working tools can be used to cut, drill and shape boards. Fast installation is guaranteed with no splitting, warping of other traditional timber defects.

The embossed wood grain surface offers good friction whether wet or dry.


  • Low Maintenance

  • Durable & UV Resistant

  • Hard Wearing

  • Splinter Free and Warm to Touch

  • 95% recycled

  • High Friction Surface

  • Easy to work with

  • Quick to Install

Specification & Product Codes



Wood Composite

3rd party Accreditation:
EN 477, EN 317
ICC-ES AC 174, ASTM D7032, ASTM D6109, ASTM D1037
Recycled content (to ISO 14021/WRAP):



160978 - Lifecycle Deck Board Sand 25mm x 137mm x 4m

549117 - Lifecycle Deck Fixings Box of 100

743185 - Lifecycle Deck Board Walnut 25mm x 127mm x 4m

937254 - Lifecycle Deck Board Tiger Wood 25mm x 137mm x 4m