UPM Profi Deck

Last Updated: September 18, 2015 15:55

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Product Details

UPM ProFi Deck, the first UPM ProFi product on the market, it's durable and easy to maintain. Made in Finland and Germany, UPM ProFi Deck is the only lignin-free composite decking to boast a stone-like closed surface. Not only are spills easily cleaned from this low maintenance decking, but the normal wood greying effect is completely avoided.

UPM ProFi Deck is ideal for terraces, patios and walkways, whether at home or in restaurants, schools, parks or other public areas.

The UPM ProFi Deck installation system has been designed for ease, speed and perfect finish. The total decking system consists of:

• Decking boards

• Cover strips

• Support rails

• Fastening clips or aluminium railings

• Rail step

UPM ProFi composite is a unique material that combines the best characteristics of wood fibres and plastic. Manufactured mainly from recycled raw material, the composite has proven to be tough and humidity resistant.

The principle ingredients for UPM ProFi are recycled paper and plastic that are manufacturing surplus from UPM's self-adhesive labelstock production. UPM ProFi is an environmentally sustainable material, which can be disposed of through incineration or recycled back into the production process.

By giving a second life to these materials, UPM ProFi products are a great case of a good environmental solution resulting in better technical performance.

Specification & Product Codes



Wood Plastic Composite

Environmental statement:
FSC 2000, DIN EN 15534
3rd party Accreditation:
EN ISO 1183. EN 310, EN 477, EN 1534, EN 438-2, EN 13501-1, EN 117, ISO 11359-2, ISO 8301
Recycled content (to ISO 14021/WRAP):



168015 - Night Sky Black 28 x 150 x 4000mm

875643 - Autumn Brown 28 x 150 x 4000mm

875650 - Stone Grey 28 x 150 x 4000mm