Thermal Insulation Spacetherm C

Last Updated: August 30, 2013 08:37

Spacetherm C (Chipboard) is a high performance laminate specifically designed to be laid on existing floors.

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Product Details

Spacetherm C consists of Spacetherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to chipboard. The Spacetherm aerogel blanket may also be bonded to MDF but only on request. For use in applications where low U-Values are required and head height is important. Spacetherm C can achieve similar performance to other insulation systems but at a fraction of the thickness, allowing specifies greater flexibility and higher performance for refurbishment projects.

Key Features:

• Thin insulation system for floors

• The best thermal performance

• Minimum loss of room height

• Cost effective

• Can accept all floor covering

• Constant long term thermal performance 50+ years

• Non-hazardous material

• Moisture resistant

Specification & Product Codes



878854 - Spacetherm 23mm

878855 - Spacetherm 28mm

878856 - Spacetherm 33mm

878857 - Spacetherm 38mm

878858 - Spacetherm 43mm