Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:19

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Product Details

The TESVOLT Li series is a cabinet mounted battery storage solution (indoor only) which can be transported and connected to nearly all generation units or hybrid plants on the low-voltage grid.

This battery storage unit can be connected to solar PV systems, biogas plants, CHP plants, wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations.

The units have a capacity of between 10 kWh to 120 kWh and the systems are fully scalable in 10 kWh steps.

We can design battery storage systems. Email Tom Edwards for more information via tom.edwards@solfex.co.uk

Features & Benefits

  • Active bidirectional battery management

  • 10 year performance warranty

  • Real battery back-up system (100 A)

  • Usable on and off grid

  • Stand-alone grid function (island mode)

  • Zero feed-in available

  • Peak load capping (peak shaving)