Straight Water Butts

Last Updated: November 18, 2013 11:44

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Market leading water butts from 100 litres to 1600 litres, the 190 litre version is the UK's biggest selling water butt and is the preferred choice for water company promotions.

• The market leading Rainsaver® water butt has been designed for collecting rainwater for use in the garden

• The Rainsaver® water butt is the biggest selling water butt in the UK and is widely used around Europe

• It comes complete with a child-safe locking lid and a tap. Other accessories such as a rain diverter kit and a water butt stand are also available

• Made from recycled plastic and guaranteed for 5 years

The 190 litre and 100 litre Rainsaver water butts are also popular options for local authority water butt promotions and can be delivered direct to the consumer.

Specification & Product Codes



177943 - Water Butt 200LT + Lid & Tap Green

177959 - Water Butt Stand Black

177972 - Water Butt Rain Diverter Kit

177992 - Water Butt Link Kit

178017 - Water Butt and Tap

611380 - Water Butt Open 45 Gall