Steico I-Joists

Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:58

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Protecting our environment and the increasing costs of the energy are the two main drivers for the continued development of this system, with the production of I-Joists a logical step forward. Lightweight and efficient engineered timber elements combined with high quality insulation materials form the basis for sustainable building, offering both security and comfort for future organisations.


• Floor joists in timber frame and masonry construction

• Roof rafters in timber frame and masonry construction

• Wall studs in timber frame construction


  • Free In-House Design Service in Northampton, Salford, Bridgewater and Hartlepool.

  • We can offer a full design service for all sizes of jobs, from the smallest domestic extension to large complex commercial buildings.

  • Range of Joist Depths: 200, 220, 240, 300, 360, 400mm

  • Three distinctive joist widths: 45mm, 60mm, 90mm

  • Lightweight and dimensionally stable products

  • Service: design, take offs, extensive technical brochures

  • Superior strength and easy installation of services

  • MVHR ducting easily incorporated into designs

  • Reduction in thermal bridging

  • Availability of a pre-insulated wall stud

  • An easy cutting product (with hand or machine tools)

  • LVL flanges – high grade, high strength material. Webs from high grade natural fibreboard

  • ETA – European Technical Approval

  • FSC® Certified

  • High load-bearing capacity

  • Fast and easy site installation

  • Easily cut with standard tools

  • Full range of associated hangers available

  • CE marked

Specification & Product Codes



Stress graded softwood, Natural fibre board

Environmental statement:
3rd party Accreditation:
CE Marking
Quality certification:
Fully Recyclable and Reuseable
Substitute for or new materials/method:
Sawn Softwood
Country/s of manufacture:
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784636 - 240MM SJ 45MM JOIST