Steico Flex Wood Fibre Insulation Slab

Last Updated: December 10, 2015 11:58

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Product Details

Steico Flex insulation is a versatile wood fibre insulation slab.

It consists of natural wood fibres and demonstrates all the advantages of wood as a natural building material.

This flexible insulation board has a water vapour open structure, allowing water vapour to pass through it.

Steico Flex has a low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity, which offers excellent insulation performance in winter and high heat protection in the summer months.

This product comes on a pallet consisting of 40 slabs

Features & Benefits

  • Water vapour open for a healthy room environment

  • Helps to regulate the indoor climate

  • Provides a green architectural solution

  • Easy handling

  • Excellent insulation properties

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Non-irritant to skin

  • Good compression resistance

  • Expands to fit adjoining components

  • Prevents thermal bridging

Specification & Product Codes



Wood Fibres, Polyolefin Fibres, Ammonium Phosphate

Environmental statement:
3rd party Accreditation:
FSC, Natureplus
CE Marking
Quality certification:
EN 13171, EN 13501-1
Fully Recycable and Reuseable
Substitute for or new materials/method:
Petro chemical insulation
Country/s of manufacture:
UK Distribution location:



391668 - 1220mm X 575mm X 40mm

391669 - 1220mm X 575mm X 50mm

391670 - 1220mm X 575mm X 60mm

391671 - 1220mm X 575mm X 80mm

391672 - 1220mm X 575mm X 100mm

391673 - 1220mm X 575mm X 120mm

391675 - 1220mm X 575mm X 140mm

391676 - 1220mm X 575mm X 160mm

391677 - 1220mm X 575mm X 180mm

391678 - 1220mm X 575mm X 200mm