Sparklets pellets

Last Updated: April 11, 2016 13:52

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Product Details

Sparklets pellets are premium wood pellets suitable for domestic and commercial biomass boilers and pellet stoves.

The pellets are light in colour and are characterized by high calorific value of over 17.7 KJ/kg and very low ash content. This means you require less pellets to heat a property, compared to other pellet brands.

Sparklets wood pellets are made only from virgin coniferous sawdust with no additives or chemical binds. As the pellets have very low ash content it means your boiler will produce less than 0.5kg of ash from each hundred kg burnt pellets. If the boiler does not have an automatic ash removal system, the ash will need to be emptied only once every several weeks.

Features & Benefits

  • Packaged in 10kg bags, also available by the pallet

  • ENPlus A1 certificatied, which guarantees a long life for the boiler

  • ​The ENplus quality seal accounts for the whole wood pellet supply chain – from production to delivery to the final customer, therefore ensuring high quality as well as transparency

  • The pellets are made of residuals from forestry and wood processing industry

  • The pellets have high calorific value and low ash content, ensuring that homeowners are getting more kWh per GBP spent

Specification & Product Codes



937027 - 10 kg bags of Sparklets pellets

937028 - 1 pallet of Sparklets pellets