SOLFEX UH1 8 Zone Wiring Centre

Last Updated: March 07, 2017 15:16

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Designed to be used in conjunction with SOLFEX 12v network thermostats, the UH1 can connect up to eight 12v network thermostats. The UH1 provides a 230v output to switch the relevant zone actuators, underfloor heating pump and valve when heat is demanded from a zone. The UH1 also takes control of the hot water, a cylinder thermostat connection and a 230v hot water valve output are provided.


  • Central wiring to up to 8 zone actuators

  • Output for underfloor heating valve and pump activated when any thermostat calls for heat

  • Works with SOLFEX 12v thermostats.

  • Output for a single radiator zone

  • Output for domestic hot water

  • Low voltage wiring to thermostats.

  • 240v output for actuators

Specification & Product Codes



225357 - SOLFEX UH1 8 Zone Wiring Centre