SOLFEX Neo-Foil Floating Floor Insulation Panel

Last Updated: March 14, 2017 15:27

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Product Details

The SOLFEX underfoor heating unit is a pre-grooved polystyrene board, with exclusive Neo-Foil heat emitting covering.

NEO-Foil utilises high compressive strength extruded polystyrene, with a highly efficient aluminium foil covering. This acts as a heat conducting surface to transfer the heat from the pipes to the finished floor above.

NEO-Foil is available in 30mm. NEO-foil floating floor is suitable for wood floor coverings fitted directly and carpets with a 10mm plywood.

Features & Benefits

Features of Neo-Foil

  • Provides ready-made pipe securing & spacing using pre grooved Neo-Foil insulated boards

  • High compressive strength insulation, for the direct application of engineered wood floors

  • Offers a combined floating floor and underfloor heating solution

  • Typical outputs up to 65 w/m²*

  • (WxLxD) 1200mm x 600mm x 30mm

Pipe Layout Suitability

Heat Output

Finished Floor Covering
Wood Floor 6mm Ply / Carpet 1.5 Tog
Floor Heat Output w/m²
55/50 65.0 59.3
50/45 53.1 48.3
45/40 41.8 37.8
40/35 31.2 33.0

* Typical heat outputs based upon BS EN 1264 Pt. (2)

Specification & Product Codes


Quality certification:
BS EN 1264



951524 - Neo-Foil Grooved Insulation Panel - 1200 x 600 x 30mm