SOLFEX FK500 Series Flat Plate Collector

Last Updated: March 14, 2017 16:05

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Product Details

The SOLFEX FK 500 flat plate solar thermal collector series encompasses the latest patented technologies along with industry know how.

The FK 500 black anodised frame collector is available in portrait or landscape versions and is modular in design and can be mounted in many variants including on roof parallel or raised and can also be roof integrated with an attractive anthracite flashing kit which fits any roof fabric profile.

The FK 500 also incorporates the Rapid Fit® hydraulic connection system; this new patented design enables installer’s rapid installation once the support frame is mounted because no tools are required on the roof when mounting collectors in series or connecting flow or return pipe work.

Features & Benefits

Features of FK Series Solar Thermal Collectors

  • Premium Black Anodised AI frame collector with unique design, available in portrait and landscape.
  • 4 Rapid Fit® push fit connectors integrated into the frame and protected for transport.
  • Self-emptying meander absorber with excellent stagnation performance.
  • Installation from 15°to 75°possible as well as 90° for facade installations.
  • Reduced installation time thanks to Rapid Fit® hydraulic push fit connectors, no tools necessary.
  • Versatile collector with many variable mounting possibilities, on-roof parallel, raised, façade & roof integration using an anthracite flashing kit which fits any roofing profile.
  • Product exclusive to SOLFEX energy systems customers.
  • Collector and mountings statically calculated in accordance with applicable standard EN 1991.
  • Solar Keymark certificate and 10 years warranty.

Technical Data

Technical DataFK 500 PFK 500 L
Collector typeFrame collector
Overall area (m²)2.51
Absorber area (m²)2.34
Aperture area (m²)2.35
H x W x D (mm)2148 x 1175 x 831168 x 2148 x 83
Weight (kg)36
Absorber capacity (l)1.4
Conversion factor (η0)0.812 η: 81.2%0.811 η: 81.1%
Collector Field Piping / Max single row10pcs8pcs
HousingBlack Anodised Aluminium Frame
Back plateAI-sheet
Absorber sheetMeander, AI, highly selectively coated
Absorption (%)0.95
Emission (%)0.05
Ø manifold (mm)18
Ø risers (mm)8
Connections4 x push fit connector
Glass3.2 mm tempered solar safety float glass
Transmittance of glass (%)91
Insulation50 mm mineral wool plate
Max. stagnation temperature203ºC under test conditions
Max operating pressure10 bar
Heat transfer mediumTyfocor® LS
Approved installation angleMin. 15, º max.75º / Façade 90º
Recommended Flow Rate30 l/m2h - up to max collector area 25m²
Solar Keymark No.011-7S2014 F