SOLFEX DS-SB Room Thermostat

Last Updated: March 07, 2017 16:41

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Product Details

The SOLFEX DS-SB is a flush mount set back thermostat, ideal for those wanting a simple but energy efficient control system. The DS-SB features a set back function, a function that will automatically reduce the set temperature by 4°C when no time clock signal is detected.

The DS-SB thermostat has been designed to work in conjunction with the SOLFEX UH8 wiring centre and TM4 Programmer, but could equally be used as a standalone dial thermostat.


  • Slide switch mode select (Constant, Off, Time Clock)

  • Flush Mount

  • 05-35°C Temperature Range

  • 4°C Set Back Function

  • 230V 3A Switch Rating

  • 2 Years Warranty

  • CE Approved

Please Note:

This thermostat is flush mounting, so a back box is required prior to installation.

A 4 core cabling is required from the time clock in order to use the set back function.

Specification & Product Codes



419416 - SOLFEX DS-SB