Samsung SDI 3.6kwh All-in-one

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:18

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Product Details

Samsung SDI’s 3.6kwh All-in-One battery storage solution is designed for residential use and allows you to store generated energy for when you need it.

The compact system combines a dual MPPT inverter, a battery inverter and a lithium-ion battery into one unit and can be directly connected to your photovoltaic system.

The easy to use web monitoring system provides real time generation information and alerts you in advance of any errors, even if you’re not near the unit.

Excess energy can be stored for when your properties energy demand exceeds the power available from your solar panels, such as at night or low light conditions, and supplement the mains supply, saving you money and further reducing your carbon footprint.

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Features & Benefits

Compact design

  • All-in-one PV inverter, battery inverter & lithium-ion battery

  • Quick and easy to install

Intelligent service * Malfunctions sensed in advance

  • Web & Mobile monitoring for remote maintenance

  • Local service network


  • Battery cell approved for electric vehicle use

  • VDE, TÜV tested lithium-ion battery and inverter

Specification & Product Codes



Metal, Lithium Ion Battery

Quality certification:
CE, G59-3, G83-2