Roof Ventilation Pack G1290

Last Updated: November 08, 2013 10:36

Roof Ventilation Pack G1290

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The Manthorpe G1290/G1292 6 metre Ventilation Pack provides a practical and cost effective solution for roof ventilation requirements.

With a 6 metre run of Manthorpe over fascia ventilator, roll panel and felt support tray, all the products supplied in the pack are designed to comply with Building Regulations and British Standards. Available for 10mm² and 25mm² ventilation situations.

One of the major problems experienced by today’s energy conscious society is the build up and effects of significant levels of condensation in the roof space.

Condensation is encouraged by the widespread use of insulating materials, central heating and double glazing. Along with the reduction in natural ventilation, the temperature differential between the dwelling areas and the cold space is increased.

The warm, internal air carrying high levels of water vapour is naturally drawn, by the process of convection, to the cold areas of the building including the roof void. Here, if there is insufficient ventilation, condensation occurs causing rotting timbers, rusting and weakening of metal fixings, felt damage and mould growth. Items stored in the loft are often rendered useless and the general outcome involves significant expenditure to rectify the problems.

To eliminate this unnecessary cost, Manthorpe manufactures a range of quality roof ventilation products which are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations.

Specification & Product Codes



504058 - 25mm G1292

917519 - 6m G1290