Rolec Wall Pod EV Home Charge

Last Updated: December 10, 2015 15:57

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Simple, Low Cost, Safe & Fast, Home EV Charging

WallPod EV HomeCharge is a simple, mode 3 16amp J1772 EV charging station designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home. WallPod HomeCharge provides fast at-home EV Charging via a 16amp or 32amp J1772 connection and is compatible with a wide range of current electric vehicles.

Example of vehicles compatible:

• Vauxhall Ampera

• Ford Transit Connect EV

• Mitsubishi iMiEV

• Citroen C-Zero

• Peugeot Ion

• Renault Kangoo

• Nissan Leaf

• Tesla Roadster

• Many other vehicles



Rolec Services Ltd, presents the affordable WallPod EV HomeCharge unit, with the following Performance Specification:

• 60% faster charging time than a 13amp domestic socket

• Designed to be permanently located outdoors or indoors

• Available in both 16amp and 32amp formats

• Mode 3 communication between HomeCharge unit and EV

• Auto disconnect function when EV fully charged

• Auto safe mode preventing charging until EV is ready

• Optional facility to lock EV charging lead into charging socket

• Charging gun stowage s