Roca W+W

Last Updated: September 16, 2013 10:15

All of the water that falls into the washbasin follows an exclusive drainage system.

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Thanks to a filtering system, the larger waste products are separated out from the water and only the liquid passes directly into a small treatment tank where is it purified. In this way, the water supplied is clean and hygienic and is used down to the last drop.

Technology in the service of the environment

W+W integrates the exclusive Single Pro faucet that was born out of the same need to find sustainable solutions that look after the environment.

For this reason, it saves H₂0. In the one hand, it presents a compact format with smooth, minimalist lines and on the other, it contains a progressive cartridge which enables water to be saved. In addition, its revolutionary system opens directly in the cold position, avoiding turning on the boiler unnecessarily and so reducing C0₂ emissions.

W+W is the fusion of washbasin and water closet in one single piece. It is the logical choice when sustainability and good design are the priority. All in one.